FRENCH MIND is a rising music producer from France who fuses electronic music with R&B to create his own personal sound.


Born in 1997 in Bordeaux, FRENCH MIND grew up on all different kinds of music. He notably developed at an early age a strong interest for French hip hop and electronic music, the first record that he ever bought being Daft Punk’s era-defining and immensely influential sophomore album Discovery.


Driven by the influence French rap, electro, house music, EDM and trap had on him, FRENCH MIND started making his own music during his teenage years. It’s however in 2016 when he attended London’s Wireless Festival and Upminster’s WEAREFSTVL – where he met French electronic duo Amine Edge & DANCE – that the aspiring producer decided to dedicate his life to creating music or, at least, doing something related to his passion.



From this point up until 2018, the young artist spent most of his time working on his music and sending his songs to various record labels in the hope of getting signed. Although this plan didn’t come to fruition, these two years of hard labour and hustle brought FRENCH MIND to meet several artists, DJs and producers who have inspired him – including DJ Snake and Mercer – which gave the already ambitious artist even more motivation to breakthrough on his own.


During a year-long stay in Canada, FRENCH MIND perfected his unique sound in which the smooth, ethereal and soulful musicality of modern R&B meets the pulse, escapism and high BPM rhythms of electronic music. In 2020, he released his debut EP, Sunday into Monday. The result of a year-and-a-half-long producing and recording process, the project includes collaborations with a rooster of up-and-coming talents including Brooklyn hip hop and R&B artist 7AE, Belgium singer-songwriter Wavey Vayn and West London rapper Double Cup Kase.

FRENCH MIND cites among his biggest influences an eclectic selection of artists who belong as much to the electronic music scene than to the R&B and hip hop landscape: French giants Daft Punk, of course, but also Canadian DJ and producer known for his own very personal fusion of house music and 90s R&B KAYTRANADA, current ambassadors of  French EDM DJ Snake and Tchami, legendary producers and hitmakers The Neptunes and Timbaland, and fresh R&B talents who are contributing to redefine the sound of the genre Majid Jordan and Roy Woods.

FRENCH MIND is constantly working on finding new ways to refine and expand his sound as well as looking for new exciting and challenging collaborators. The young producer is slowly but surely establishing himself as an artist with a very specific touch that sets him apart and whose music is only getting bigger and more ambitious.